12 Near Genius IKEA Hacks For Your Lawn And Garden

IKEA hacks are my favorites! I just get such a thrill out of turning an ordinary something into an extraordinary new creation. If you have ever shopped with IKEA then you know that they literally have everything. They even have things that are useful to your garden. Well, these are not technically designed for your garden but with a few great IKEA hacks, you can turn so many ordinary things into wonderful items for your lawn and garden, and I have a great list of 12 IKEA hacks for your garden to get you started.

12 Near Genius IKEA Hacks For Your Lawn And Garden

Whether you are looking for a great new succulent garden idea of you want something spectacular to display your favorite outdoor plants, there is an IKEA lawn and garden hack idea in here for you. These are all so easy to make and they really turn those IKEA products into amazing garden décor. And, this is a great idea if you have an old piece of furniture that you are planning to get rid of. You can always repurpose it and use it in the garden! And, if you like these IKEA hacks then you will really love these 35 Pottery Barn knockoffs that let you decorate your home for less.

So whether you just want a bit of extra outdoor décor or you need some functional furniture for your lawn and garden, you are going to find the perfect project in these IKEA hacks. I can’t wait for you to try some of these out. There are so many wonderful planters and other outdoor décor. Plus, if you have the furniture pieces on hand already, all of these projects can be made for free. You know how much I love a fun craft project, especially when it’s free! And, be sure that you also take a look at this amazing DIY IKEA closet system that you can build for less than $100.

1. Repurposed Bar Cart Succulent Planter

Repurposed Bar Cart Succulent PlanterIKEA has this amazing bar cart that has a couple of shelves and it is perfect for repurposing into a succulent planter. You have so much space to plant those little succulents in this bar cart and it’s easy to move it around where you want it. You could display it on the front porch one day and then move it to the back deck the next. This is a super easy project and it is the perfect way to repurpose an old rusty bar cart and give it new life.

Tutorial: succulentsandsunshine

2. DIY Window Herb Garden

DIY Window Herb GardenTo make this amazing DIY kitchen window herb garden, you need an ORE shower curtain tension rod from IKEA, along with a cutlery caddy and some S hooks. This one is super easy and it gives you that herb garden that have always wanted. Plus, you hang this right in the kitchen window so your herbs will always be right there in the kitchen where you need them. You can plant those medicinal herbs right there in the kitchen, too.

Tutorial: jillm

3. Repurposed Dragon Box Planters

Repurposed Dragon Box PlantersA couple of Dragan bamboo boxes from IKEA give you the perfect makings for a little succulent garden. The boxes are beautiful themselves and when you add all the colors from succulents, they become a gorgeous focal point for your lawn or garden. Put a few of these on your porch or deck or just set them around the lawn to add splashes of color wherever you need it.

Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

4. Tradig Wire Bowl Planter

Tradig Wire Bowl PlanterI love the Tradig wire fruit bowl from IKEA, and I love it even more as a planter. You can use this wire bowl to add style and design to any potted plant. If you have a few of these then you could create quite a display for your front porch. You can even paint them if you need to match a different color and the entire process only takes a few minutes to complete.

Tutorial: house-pet.blogspot

5. Repurposed Wooden Panel DIY Climbing Garden

Repurposed Wooden Panel DIY Climbing GardenA couple of wooden panels and some hooks will let you create a gorgeous climbing garden. This is a great little garden for spaces that need some color. If you have a garden spot that doesn’t really have any plants, or you can’t plant them in the ground then you can add this wooden panel garden and then just use small galvanized buckets to hold your plants. This is also a wonderful idea to have an herb garden right outside your kitchen door.

Tutorial: designwinedine

6. DIY Planter Stands

DIY Planter StandsYou can turn ordinary ceramic or terra cotta planters into beautiful creations by just adding legs. This has a beautiful mid century look to it – it’s very reminiscent of the colors and style of the 1950’s. It’s also a great way to get your plants off the ground and protect them from cats and other animals – or little ones, and it’s especially helpful if you are planting a few cacti and want little ones to avoid touching them.

Tutorial: sugarandcloth

7. Applaro Storage Bench Planter

Applaro Storage Bench PlanterI really love these storage benches from IKEA. I actually love them even more since I have learned that you can easily turn them into planters. You can even use the larger benches if you want to plant more and they work just as well. The process is pretty easy, although it will likely take you a couple of hours to get the bench ready for your plants. This would be a great idea for a container garden if you don’t have the space outside for a traditional garden.

Tutorial: ikeahackers

8. DIY Acacia Wooden Plant Stand

DIY Acacia Wooden Plant StandThis staggered plant stand is fabulous and you can use it indoors or out. This would be great on a porch or deck. You could actually do a couple of these and have them on either side of your front door if you have the space. Once you have the stand put together, you just display your favorite potted plants on top of each tier. It is an easy and really gorgeous way to add some design to your outdoors.

Tutorial: sugarandcloth

9. Repurposed IKEA Shopping Bag Holder Strawberry Planter

Repurposed IKEA Shopping Bag Holder Strawberry PlanterThat cute little plastic shopping bag holder from IKEA makes the perfect strawberry planter for your backyard. If you have ever grown your own strawberries then you know how wonderful it is to have them at your beck and call. This IKEA hack uses an inexpensive shopping bag holder to perfectly grow your strawberries anywhere in the yard or even on your deck.

Tutorial: sowanddipity

10. Repurposed Lack Table Succulent Garden

Repurposed Lack Table Succulent GardenThere are so many wonderful ways to use IKEA furniture to create your own DIY succulent gardens. Here is another one! You use a Lack table to make a vertical succulent garden that is perfect for hanging on the porch or deck. Or, if you need some additional décor around the fence you could hang it on your backyard fence or even right on the side of your house!

Tutorial: craftberrybush

11. Easy DIY Tripod Planter

Easy DIY Tripod PlanterIf you want to plant succulents so that you can use them for color and design around your sitting area, this DIY tripod planter is perfect. You use the Rundlig bowl from IKEA to make this one and it is fabulous. You just add legs! You could also use this for other plants if they don’t require too much soil. It is the perfect way to add some color to decks or sitting areas outdoors. It takes less than an hour to make and if you have to purchase all of the supplies, you can do it for less than $40.

Tutorial: lonny

12. IKEA Wine Rack Planter

IKEA Wine Rack PlanterAn IKEA Vurum wine rack is perfect for creating a lovely planter for your deck or the side of your house. This one is super easy to make and you can use galvanized buckets for your planters. This would be great for a little herb garden right outside your kitchen or you could use it on the front porch to grow succulents. However you use it, it is easy to put up and perfect for adding a bit of IKEA hacking style to your lawn and garden.

Tutorial: curbly

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