Namaste Inside: 17 Things to Add to Your Wishlist If You Hate Leaving Your House

Let’s face it, leaving the house can be pretty overrated. For those of us who are more into staying in, home is not only where the heart is, it’s also where we are, like, all of the time. If you’re looking to channel your indoorsy side, look no further than this wishlist of items to help you truly embody your inner homebody, conveniently categorized and all available to order from the comfort of your couch.

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Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa with Vibration, $23

What better way to kick off a luxurious day in with a personal foot spa with toe touch vibration control? This at-home miracle can boost your TV-binging experience or stand on it’s own.

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Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp, $30

Whether you’re in it for the alleged healing powers (to which we make no claims about) or just the added ambiance, this chic twist on the classic Himalayan Salt Lamp is a must-have for the trendiest shut-in.

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Throwbee Blanket Poncho, $24

Staying home is nothing if not practical, so why not treat yourself to a blanket poncho? It’s a blanket that you wear like a poncho, in case you were wondering, and its everything you never knew you wanted.

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Women’s Jumpsuit One Piece Non Footed Pajama, Starting at $30

Athleisure is for people who go outside. Onesies are for the indoor at heart” Unknown.

This classic romper is casual and sophisticated for those of us who don’t want everyday to be Halloween. Looking at you angel onesie with halo hood.

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Big Joe Roma Lounge Chair, Radiant Orchid, $45

Big Joe’s versatile lounge chair in “Radiant Orchid” (also available in Lime, Sapphire and Zebra) is essentially a glorified beanbag chair…need I say more? (Note, the chair takes three to five weeks for delivery, but, don’t worry because time flies when you’re Netflixing.)

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Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder, $10

Finally someone is using their heads to design products! If venturing our to get a manicure is just too much to think about, this genius Tweexy nail polish bottle holder will make your at-home manicure way easier.

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Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy, $34

Picture this: It’s Friday night, and you are not at a loud restaurant or bar counting down the minutes until you get home. You chose right by staying in. And from the looks of this caddy, you can play Candy Crush on your iPad while sipping on Zinfandel, snacking on Mandarin oranges, watching some sort of Western, also drinking coffee and having your parmesan-looking bar soap right at hand.

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War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Starting at $13

You’ve already burned through all of Netflix so why don’t you pick up a book?! This one’s supposed to be great (or maybe just long?) Okay, never mind. Just watch this.

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Simon Electronic Memory Game, $19

It’s time to party like it’s 1978! The hours will fly by as you try to beat your cousin Tyler’s sixth grade record. You know you want to.

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Fred DISHPLAY Hand-Puppet Dish Gloves, $10

Who said cleaning dishes couldn’t be all fun and games? It’s chores and a puppet show all in one!

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BLACK+DECKER 7 Quart Slow Cooker with Built in Lid Holder, $31

Once you’ve exhausted your local takeout options, why not turn to this easy-on-the-eyes appliance for minimum effort and maximum reward? Plus, you can feed all your friends! No one said you were home alone. (And if you’ve sworn off slow cookers because…”This Is Us”, we feel you. #RIPJack.)

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Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale + Recipe App, $100

Every hermit needs a hobby so become the master mixologist at your local watering hole (i.e your kitchen counter), with this cocktail smart scale and recipe app. Some skills are more fun to learn than others…

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“Pocket Disco” Phone Powered Portable Disco Ball, $20

Gleefully cancel all of your Friday night plans and light it up in your living room with a phone-powered portable disco ball. Bonus of keeping the party at your place? You know the bartender.

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Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation and Radio, $80

Finally the sunrise is available at noon! This light-up alarm clock with tap snooze function gives you the solar serenity previously unavailable to the terminally indoor.

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Beaches by Gray Malin, $25

Nothing says, “I’m staying in” like reading a coffee table book. This New York Times Best-Selling eye candy brings you the beauty of the beach without getting sand everywhere.

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Indoor Snowball Fight Snowtime Anytime 40 pk, $40

And finally, this just seems like a good idea. Relive the magical winters of your youth minus the horrible outdoor part. Who could resist this 40 pack of fun? Perfect for those of us who already live life like we’re snowed in.

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