30 Best Small Bedroom Ideas – Design and Storage Tips

Finding design-savvy ways to magically create extra storage space in a tiny bedroom isn’t always easy. While unsightly over-the-door organizers and bulky dressers are always an option (if you squeeze them in), it pays to use your imagination and get creative when coming up with stylish storage ideas. To help make your life a little […]

Anthropologie Spring 2018 Catalog Favorites

Well, Anthropologie has done it again, folks. Their Spring 2018 House + Home catalog is about to drop tomorrow, we got a sneak peek and it’s GOOD. Almost good enough for me to feel like the end of all this sub-freezing, winter weather nonsense is really just around the corner (also so good that we […]

What To Do When It Feels Like Something’s Missing: 3 Interior Design Tweaks That Make a Difference

Sometimes, even the most beautiful rooms can benefit from a few interior design tweaks. Image: Catherine Staples Interiors Sometimes, even when you follow the fundamental interior design principles to the letter, your project doesn’t come out quite right. It’s not that there’s anything truly wrong, it’s just that something feels a little off about the […]

Three Apartments Using Pastel To Create Dreamy Interiors

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Traditionally, pastels evoke the colours of nurseries – baby pinks, blues and creamy lemon yellows that hush the children in your family. But pastels have another side. Full of light, soft and oh-so-sophisticated, pastel greys can turn the longest of curved walls into a dreamscape. The most delicate […]