Shen Shen Garden – Private office in a garden of ease and peace by Yushe Yuzhu

Project: Shen Shen GardenArchitects: Yushe YuzhuLocation: Shanghai, ChinaPhotographs by: (T+E) Hu Yijie Shen Shen Garden by Yushe Yuzhu Yushe Yuzhu have finished their Shen Shen Garden project in Shanghai, China. At first glance, you might think it is a normal contemporary home but if you step inside, you are going to find that this contemporary building is actually an office […]

Holiday Cottage by Tóth Project Architect Office in Kapuvár, Hungary

Project: Holiday CottageArchitects: Tóth Project Architect OfficeLocation: Kapuvár, HungaryArea: 538 sq ftPhotographs by: Tamás Bujnovszky Holiday Cottage by Tóth Project Architect Office Tóth Project Architect Office have designed an amazingly idyllic getaway Holiday Cottage in Hungary, on a plot located along the shore of a lake in Kapuvár.It is formed within a simple rectangular shell made entirely of larch wood. It […]

Akyapi Office in Istanbul, Turkey

Project: Akyapi OfficeArchitects: Gonye Proje TasarimLocation: Istanbul, TurkeyPhotographs by: Courtesy of Gonye Proje Tasarim Akyapi Office by Gonye Proje Tasarim Gonye Proje Tasarim have designed the Akyapi Office in Istanbul, Turkey. They have put an emphasis on comfort but they also wanted to make providing a functional modern working environment to the priorities. The architects have made sure that all of […]

BASF Turk Istanbul Office by mimaristudio in the Atasehir District of Istanbul

Project: BASF Turk Istanbul OfficeArchitects: mimaristudioLocation: Nida Kule Kuzey, Atasehir, Istanbul, TurkeyArea: 59,201 sq ftPhotographs by: Gurkan Akay BASF Turk Istanbul Office by mimaristudio mimaristudio have designed the interior of a new office building for the world’s leading chemical company BASF. It is located in Atasehir, a business and finance district of Istanbul, Turkey.The new BASF Turk Istanbul Office boasts 59,201 […]

Perspective Office by Slash Architects in Mersin, Turkey

Project: Perspective OfficeArchitects: Slash ArchitectsLocation: Mersin, TurkeyArea: 44,132 sqftPhotographs by: Courtesy of Slash Architects Perspective Office by Slash Architects In Perspective Office, located in Mersin/Turkey, Slash Architects have re-designed an existing shell of an under-construction building. Re-writing the planning and the façade of an existing construction; the designers have edited the whole layout considering to emphasize the façade of the shopping […]

A Flexible and Dynamic Office Design from Boytorun Architects: PepsiCo Turkey

Project: PepsiCo Turkey Office Architects: Boytorun ArchitectsLocation: Istanbul, TurkeyArea: 86,111 sqftYear: 2017Photographs by: Courtesy of Boytorun Architects PepsiCo Turkey Headquarters by Boytorun Architects Boytorun Architects which has realized the architectural and interior design projects of many global companies in Turkey has designed four office floors in addition to PepsiCo Turkey office in Levent. Boytorun Architects which has ensured the continuity in […]

A Transparent and Collective Work Environment: ASD Central Office

The ASD Central Office designed by Istanbul based Batur and Batur Architecture is reflecting a transparent, collective and global working culture. Its main purpose is to serve as a prestigious showroom where the company’s products are exhibited. But it is a lot more than just a showroom. The main reason for the new office building was […]