This Instagram Account Collects Bad Design

While there’s certainly never any snark about houses around these parts, we can still appreciate it when it’s artfully done. @PleaseHateTheseThings compiles the best bizarro, wackadoo real estate and design photos the internet has to offer, presenting them with just the right amount of sarcasm and wonder.

The brainchild of interior designer Dina Holland, the account catalogues all the “absurd, ill conceived & just plain stupid things in home decor” with razor sharp wit.

“Most of or all the photos are ones people message me,” Dina told Clever. “I started getting all of these followers saying, ‘I also hate this.’ It just kept going.” Dina attributes most of the mistakes to a breakdown in communication, “I think a lot of younger designers don’t have the confidence to go in and say, ‘No, that’s not the right look.”

So next time you’re feeling timid about pushing back on a design choice you don’t love, pull up this account and you may find yourself suddenly courageous.

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