10 Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans That Make Raising Bunnies Easy

When I was growing up, I had rabbits. I loved those things so much. Raising rabbits is not difficult at all, and although I never bred them, it is an option if you want to raise farm type animals but you don’t want something that takes a lot of work. Bunnies are so soft and cuddly and kids absolutely adore them. So, if you are thinking about raising rabbits to breed and sell or if you just want a couple of adorable little bunnies for your little ones, I have the perfect collection of 20 free DIY rabbit hutch plans that you can make in a weekend. These rabbit hutches make raising those bunnies super easy.

10 Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans That Make Raising Bunnies Easy

There are so many types of rabbits that you can raise and they really are a lucrative business if you do it right. Even if you just want to get a couple of cute little bunnies for your kids, you are going to need somewhere for those bunnies to live. These DIY rabbit hutches are all super easy to make and some of them are created with upcycled materials like old dressers and entertainment centers. So, you won’t even be out the cost of buying a rabbit hutch – which can range anywhere from $65 to more than $300 depending on the style. You will save a small fortune if you DIY your rabbit hutch instead. And, be sure that you take a look at these 20 free DIY chicken coop plans, too. You can build a chicken coop and a rabbit hutch in the same weekend!

No matter why you want to raise rabbits, there is a hutch in here that is going to be perfect for your backyard. There are a few that could even be taken indoors, which is great since the weather is still not warm. You want to keep those little bunnies nice and cozy and some of these can be moved in and out as needed. If you really want to get started on living the farm life, these free rabbit hutch plans are the perfect way to begin. And, you want to check out these 20 free DIY greenhouse plans, too. You will be able to grow fresh veggies for you and your bunnies all year long.

1. Upcycled Dresser Bunny Hutch

Upcycled Dresser Bunny HutchThat old dresser that you are no longer using for clothing can be easily converted into a fully functional rabbit hutch. This is a great DIY rabbit hutch for indoors or out and you can leave a few of the drawers at the bottom and use them to keep your food and other supplies right there where you need them. This one is really easy and super cheap if you happen to have an old dresser on hand. This is the neatest thing that I have seen since I learned to turn an old dresser into a TV stand.

Tutorial: themobilehomewoman

2. DIY Portable Rolling Rabbit Hutch

DIY Portable Rolling Rabbit HutchHere is another rabbit hutch that you can use indoors or out. This one is portable and has wheels on one side so that you can easily roll it from one location to another. It moves like a wheelbarrow and it is really easy to build. You don’t even need that much lumber and you can repurpose wheels from an old bar cart or something similar if you have one on hand.

Tutorial: buildeazy

3. Simple DIY Rabbit Cage

Simple DIY Rabbit CageIf you are planning to keep your rabbits indoors – in your home or a barn for instance – then this DIY rabbit cage is a good choice. These are super easy to build and they are really inexpensive if you compare them with other rabbit hutches. It is just a cage however, so it won’t protect your little bunnies from the weather. If you plan to raise them outdoors, this is not your best choice. But, you can use this to raise them indoors and let them out for a few hours every day.

Tutorial: therabbithouse

4. Easy And Inexpensive Rabbit Hutch

Easy And Inexpensive Rabbit HutchThis easy to build rabbit hutch won’t cost you much money at all and it will only take a few hours to complete. This is a great one if you plan to raise your bunnies outdoors. You simply have to build a wooden frame and then cage it in. It also has an easy to open door and you can add a divider so that your bunnies can have their own spaces or you can build in half of the hutch for shelter and use the other half to let them get some fresh air.

Tutorial: motherearthnews

5. Simple DIY Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Simple DIY Wooden Rabbit HutchA rabbit hutch simply has to give your bunnies a place to rest and maybe a caged in area so that they can spend some time in the great outdoors. This one gives you both. You build it on legs so that your rabbits are off the ground and safe from other wild animals. It has a place for them to nest and an open caged area so that they can enjoy some time outdoors.

Tutorial: myoutdoorplans

6. DIY Multi Unit Rabbit Hutch

DIY Multi Unit Rabbit HutchIf you plan to raise more than one rabbit at a time, this multi unit hutch is perfect. Not only does it give you space for three or more bunnies, it is really simple to build. You will need quite a bit of lumber – but you can use leftover pieces that you have from other projects if you happen to have any on hand. It also keeps your bunnies off the ground so that they are safe.

Tutorial: simplyeasydiy

7. Large DIY Rabbit Hutch

Large DIY Rabbit HutchThis hutch has enough space for multiple rabbits and you can build on to it as you need to in order to house more. You start with about six different rabbit cages and you can add others to the back or top if it won’t make it too tall. You just have to remember the basic plans for building a rabbit hutch – add sides and a bottom and then the cage -and remember to leave a space in each section for a door.

Tutorial: crossroadsrabbitry

8. Upcycled Wire Storage Cube Bunny Condo

Upcycled Wire Storage Cube Bunny CondoIf you plan to keep your rabbits indoors, you can build a wonderful bunny condo using wire storage cubes. This one is so easy and takes so little time to put together. If you happen to have a few of those wire storage cubes on hand, it won’t cost you anything to make this one. You will need to provide shelter in some way if you plan to keep this one outside but it is perfect for keeping in the house, garage, or barn. I love a good repurposing project, like wood crate storage projects. This is definitely one to add to your upcycle list.

Tutorial: breyfamily

9. Large DIY Indoor Cage

Large DIY Indoor CageYou can build this large, multi unit rabbit cage for less than $100. You just need a few wire organizers that you can pick up at any home improvement store and some zip ties to keep them all together. This is perfect if you have multiple rabbits and you want to give them all a space together but you want to keep them separate at the same time.

Tutorial: bunnyblurbs

10. Easy DIY PVC Pipe Rabbit Hutch

Easy DIY PVC Pipe Rabbit HutchYou can save yourself a lot of money by using PVC pipe for the base of your rabbit hutch. This DIY rabbit hutch is really easy and it won’t take you long at all to complete. It is also perfect if you have multiple rabbits. You use PVC pipe to build the base and then just add your caging to keep your rabbits safe. You could also build a shelter inside this with just a few boards.

Tutorial: besurvival

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