10 Gorgeous DIY Windmills That Add Charm To Your Lawn And Garden

Have you ever thought about adding a windmill to your garden? Whether you want something that will actually help to produce natural energy or you just love the look of windmills and want to add this beauty to your outdoors, you are going to love this list of 10 gorgeous DIY windmills. You can build these yourself, most of them in just a couple of hours, and they will definitely add beauty and charm to your outdoor living spaces.

10 Gorgeous DIY Windmills That Add Charm To Your Lawn And Garden

From a simple rustic windmill to an authentic looking Dutch windmill feature, you are sure to find the perfect decoration for your lawn and garden in this list. These are all so simple to build and so lovely when they are finished. You have the option of painting or staining them however you want to match your existing outdoor décor, too. These are going to create the perfect focal point in your flower garden and you are going to love how gorgeous your lawn looks when you add one of these little windmills to it. And, if you are looking to really spruce up your lawn and garden this season, be sure to take a look at these 40 easy one day lawn and garden projects, too.

Some of these actually spin and move with the wind! You are going to love all of them. Your only problem will be choosing which one of them you want to add to your lawn and garden. You can even make some of these with materials that you have left over from other projects or repurposed wood and metal so they are super cheap to build. If you want to add some beauty to your outdoors this year, these DIY windmills are definitely a good start. And, check out these 30 garden decorations that add whimsical style to your outdoors, too.

1. Artistic Garden Windmill

Artistic Garden WindmillI found this gorgeous artistic garden windmill on Etsy for just under $200 and it is perfect for adding some style and grace to your garden. You could DIY this one if you wanted, although it may take some time given the intricate design. You could just as easily pick this one up from Etsy. It’s made from copper and has a gorgeous dual spinner design that will look lovely when the wind hits it.

Source: Etsy.com

2. DIY Miniature Dutch Style Garden Windmill

DIY Miniature Dutch Style Garden WindmillThis little windmill is perfect for adding some style to your garden. It’s a mini Dutch style windmill that would look perfect in your flower garden or even on the porch or deck. You make this with wood – which you could reclaim from other pieces – and it is really easy to put together once you have all of the pieces cut out and ready.

Tutorial: wikihow creative-science

3. Four Foot Metal Bladed DIY Windmill

Four Foot Metal Bladed DIY WindmillThis DIY garden windmill is four feet high when it is finished, but you can easily scale the plans to meet your own height preferences. You make this from sheet metal, which is relatively inexpensive. When it is finished, it works just like a real windmill by pivoting in the direction of the wind. This one is pretty simple – you just need to know how to cut sheet metal to make it.

Tutorial: hunker

4. Gorgeous DIY Upcycled Pallet Windmill

Gorgeous DIY Upcycled Pallet WindmillI love the design of this little garden windmill that you can make from upcycled pallets. You use other recycled materials in this one as well, which makes it basically free to build if you have all of the materials on hand that you need. The design is so beautiful – it looks just like an old fashioned Dutch windmill and it is perfect for placing in your garden to create a nice focal point around your flowers. This is a wonderful outdoor pallet project for the summer!

Tutorial: 1001pallets

5. Five Foot Treated Wood DIY Garden Windmill

Five Foot Treated Wood DIY Garden WindmillThis lovely DIY garden windmill stands five feet high and you make it from treated wood. You can use things like PVC, copper piping and other materials to help make it work. When it is finished, it is the perfect addition to any lawn or garden and it really works! This is a nice one to build and it won’t take you long at all to put it all together.

Tutorial: sandcreekpostandbeam

6. Easy DIY Decorative Windmill Sign

Easy DIY Decorative Windmill SignIf you don’t have the space in your garden for an actual windmill, this DIY decorative windmill sign is the next best thing. You can make this from recycled materials and it stands in its own frame so you can hang it on the porch or deck near your garden. This could also be used indoors if you are looking to create a nice farmhouse look and it is so easy to make.

Tutorial: paintasign

7. Upcycled Ceiling Fan Blade Windmill Décor

Upcycled Ceiling Fan Blade Windmill DécorHere is another great way to add some windmill styled décor to your outdoors without actually building a windmill. Take some old wooden ceiling fan blades and turn them into gorgeous windmill inspired décor that you can sit in your garden or hang from the deck or porch railing. This would also look great gracing the side of your garden shed and you can find old ceiling fans really cheap at thrift stores.

Tutorial: sadieseasongoods

8. DIY Windmill With Wooden Base

DIY Windmill With Wooden BaseThis is a great little garden windmill that you can build in less than a weekend. I love the use of red, white and blue on the blades, but you could do any color or combination of colors that you want. Match this one with your existing outdoor décor. It is really simple to build and you can make it from reclaimed wood or wood that you have left over from other projects.

Tutorial: wilkerdos

9. Beautiful DIY Mosaic Garden Windmill

Beautiful DIY Mosaic Garden WindmillTake an old ceiling fan, add mosaics and then put it all together on a wooden post to create this DIY garden windmill. This one is super easy – although a bit time consuming considering the DIY mosaic project that you are creating. It would be lovely anywhere in your garden and if you don’t have a wooden post that you can mount it to, you could just put this one right there on the side of your house or on the deck railing.

10. DIY Spinning Windmill Garden Feature

This DIY windmill is really easy to make and it is perfect for decorating your garden. You can add a figure to the base of the windmill to make it even more decorative. The instructions are super easy to follow and you can do this with wooden boards that you may have left over from other DIY projects to make it really cheap to build.

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