25 DIY Garden Pots That Add Decor To Your Outdoor Living Spaces

My favorite part of spring is gardening. There is seriously nothing more satisfying than planting and watching those plants grow and product. Whether flowers or veggies or herbs, I absolutely adore growing things and cannot wait until spring gets here. That said, I also love container gardening. Although I plant a traditional garden, I love using containers for things like my herbs and flowers and a few veggies that I like to keep separated and closer to the house. This got me thinking about DIY garden pots.

25 DIY Garden Pots That Add Decor To Your Outdoor Living Spaces

I found 25 really easy DIY garden pots that you can make to put on your deck or in your yard. You can use these to raise some of your flowers so that they are off the ground and create a better focal point or just put them on the deck or porch to hold your favorite blooms or plants. They are all super easy and many of them use recycled materials, so they are free to make. You have to love free! If you love gardening as much as I do, I promise that you are going to adore these DIY garden pots. And, you really need to check out these 25 DIY garden markers to make your garden more beautiful.

From lace covered terra cotta pots to an upcycled wooden chevron planting box, you are going to find a DIY garden pot to make no matter what your style or personal preference. And, these are great for container gardening. If you don’t have a dedicated space that you can use to plant a traditional garden, you can just use these DIY planters to build your own little garden on the deck or in a side yard. Also take a look at these 15 DIY self watering planters that will keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

1. DIY Lace Flower Pots

DIY Lace Flower PotsHow gorgeous are these lace flower pots? These are so easy to make, too and they would look perfect in your flower garden or in your home. You just cover old terra cotta pots with lace. It’s so simple and yet makes such a grand statement for your plants and flowers. And, this is a great way to reuse those broken pots – you can just cover the cracks and breaks with lace!

Tutorial: abeautifulmess

2. Pottery Barn Inspired Aged Terra Cotta Pots

Pottery Barn Inspired Aged Terra Cotta PotsPottery Barn has such beautiful garden décor, but it comes at a price. If you love their aged terra cotta pots, you can make them yourself and save a bundle. These are gorgeous anywhere in the garden and they are much easier to make than you may think. If you have some old pots that have seen better days, this is a great way to give them a new (or old in this case) look. You have to love DIY Pottery Barn knockoffs!

Tutorial: impartinggrace

3. DIY Puffy Painted Planters

DIY Puffy Painted PlantersThese puffy painted planters (that’s a tongue twister!) are gorgeous and you can make them in no time at all. These are inspired by the garden pots at Anthropologie and they are absolutely gorgeous. The best part is that you can choose your own design – make them all look the same or make different pots. They’re going to look beautiful however you decide to do them.

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

4. DIY Rock Covered Planters

DIY Rock Covered PlantersYou make these DIY rock covered planters with a bucket – or something similar – and some decorative rock. They are perfect for showing off your favorite plants and flowers in the garden. They are also really easy to make and shouldn’t take you much time to complete. This is a great project to get the kids in on, too. They will love helping you to place the rocks on your new DIY planters.

Tutorial: centsationalgirl

5. Recycled Wood Chevron Planter Box

Recycled Wood Chevron Planter BoxI love any project that uses recycled materials, so this DIY wooden chevron planter box is one of my favorites. Besides, I really love the chevron design. This one is perfect for sitting in your flower garden or leaving on the porch or deck. And, because you make it from recycled materials, it is practically free. I found similar ones online for sale for about $150 each – but you can make this one much cheaper, even if you have to buy the wood for it.

Tutorial: zelophotoblog

6. DIY Concrete Planters

DIY Concrete PlantersI love DIY concrete projects! There are just so many things that you can mold and make with concrete – take these DIY concrete planters for instance. These are so easy to make and you only have to pay for the concrete – which is really inexpensive. You can mold them into any shape or design that you want, depending on what you are using for a mold.

Tutorial: outdoortheme

7. DIY Faceted Gem Planters

DIY Faceted Gem PlantersThese DIY faceted gem planters are perfect for adding some style to your garden or deck. They are so easy to make and you don’t have to have actual terra cotta planters for this one. You can buy those cheap plastic planters from the Dollar Store – that are about a dollar each – and use this technique to really dress them up and make them stylish.

Tutorial: designsponge

8. Recycled Tin Can Planters

Recycled Tin Can PlantersYou can do so many amazing things with recycled tin cans. I love these planters that you make from crushed cans – so if your cans have been in the garbage and are a bit beaten down, they are perfect for this one. You could make larger planters with tin coffee cans or those popcorn tins and again, if they are crushed then they make the project just that much better.

Tutorial: pillarboxblue

9. DIY Disco Ball Planters

DIY Disco Ball PlantersDon’t you just love disco? If you weren’t around during the disco craze, it’s ok. You can get a bit of the feeling from these DIY disco ball planters. These are great for succulents or you could go larger and make these for your flower garden to hold your favorite plants or blooms. They are super easy to make and are perfect for setting up an outdoor succulent garden that really catches people’s attention.

Tutorial: abubblylife

10. DIY Fabric Covered Planters

DIY Fabric Covered PlantersNo matter what size planter you are working with, covering it in fabric is a wonderful way to give it a brand new look. These DIY fabric covered planters are perfect for the garden or deck and they are super easy to make. If you have a lot of fabric left over from other projects, this is a wonderful way to use up that scrap fabric and give your planters a new look, too. You could do this with larger planters as well if you have enough fabric to go around. This is a great way to upcycle leftover fabric scraps.

Tutorial: allparenting

11. DIY Clay Pots

DIY Clay PotsYou can turn clay into beautiful handmade pots for your garden or home. If you love working with clay, this is a great project for you. It is super easy to do and it is so much fun. You can find clay at any hobby or craft store or at Walmart and it’s not at all expensive. Doing these yourself gives you the opportunity to make them any size and shape that you want – you can fill your garden with homemade clay pots!

Tutorial: sayyestohoboken

12. Easy Hand Painted Flower Pots

Easy Hand Painted Flower PotsYou can turn ordinary terra cotta pots into works of art with just a bit of paint and some imagination. This is a great way to give those old pots a new look and it works with planters of all sizes. If you want something new for the garden but you don’t want to spend a fortune getting new planters, just give your old ones a fresh coat of paint!

Tutorial: makinghomebase

13. DIY Marbleized Terra Cotta Planters

DIY Marbleized Terra Cotta PlantersGive your old planters a new look with some marbleizing. You can buy marble planters but you should expect to spend a pretty penny on them. If you want the look without the cost, you can just DIY some inexpensive planters into ones that look like marble. This is a really simple project and the planters really do look like they are made of marble. This is also one that you can use to redo any size or shape of planter that you have on hand.

Tutorial: brit

14. DIY Chalkboard Planters

DIY Chalkboard PlantersYou have to love good DIY chalkboard paint projects. This one, that turns ordinary planters into the perfect herb garden, is one of my favorites. You can use any planter that you have on hand for this, or even buy a few cheap ones from the Dollar Store. You’re going to paint them with chalkboard paint so it doesn’t even matter if they are old or scratched, and you could do this with a really large planter and use it as a welcome sign or a house number sign for the front porch.

Tutorial: scissorsandspatulas

15. DIY Crocheted Pot Covers

DIY Crocheted Pot CoversIf you really want to dress up those planters, just crochet some covers for them. This is a great idea for decks and porches and the extra insulation will help to keep fragile plants warm during colder weather. If you love to crochet, you simply have to try out these DIY crocheted pot covers. They are so easy to do and you don’t need to know any complicated stitches, unless you just want to make them really stylish.

Tutorial: melimelooo

16. Repurposed Seashell Planters

Repurposed Seashell PlantersIf you love going to the beach and picking up shells, here is a wonderful way to repurpose those seashells into gorgeous planters. Depending on the size of your seashells, you could make planters for all of your garden plants. Just choose larger ones for those bigger flowers or plants and use the smaller ones to create a stunning succulent garden. If you don’t have any seashells on hand, you can buy them in bulk at craft and hobby stores and they are not that expensive.

Tutorial: radmegan

17. DIY Repurposed Paver Planters

DIY Repurposed Paver PlantersThose patio pavers that you have left over from last spring’s landscaping job will come in really handy in making your own garden planters. Patio pavers are typically made from concrete and are perfect for creating planters of all shapes and sizes. This is a really simple way to repurpose those pavers and you can leave them plain or paint and design them however you want to add even more décor to your outdoor living spaces.

Tutorial: curbly

18. Upcycled Muffin Tin Planters

Upcycled Muffin Tin PlantersHere is a great idea for smaller plants – upcycle those old rusty muffin tins into planters. This is a wonderful way to show off your succulents or smaller blooms and you can set these all around your garden to add a bit of décor wherever you need it. Use mini muffin tins for really tiny plants and larger ones for succulents and baby’s tears or baby breath. I love projects that let you repurpose old kitchen items.

Tutorial: countryliving

19. DIY Drip Painted Planters

DIY Drip Painted PlantersCheap planters from the Dollar Store or old ones from your favorite thrift store can be turned into gorgeous new garden planters with just a bit of paint. This drip painting technique is perfect for any planter that you want to decorate and it’s a great project for kids. There really is no messing this one up!

Tutorial: myclevernest

20. DIY Neon Cinder Block Planters

DIY Neon Cinder Block PlantersI’ve seen these cinder block planters before and they continue to be one of my favorite DIY garden pot ideas. These are super easy and you don’t need anything but a few leftover cinder blocks and some paint. You could even forgo the paint if you wanted to. This is a great way to build a small edging around your garden or you could just pile these up anywhere that you want to add some extra outdoor décor.

Tutorial: instagram

21. Adorable Handprint Flower Pots

Adorable Handprint Flower PotsTurn those regular terra cotta or plastic planters into adorable garden décor with just a bit of paint and the hands of your little ones. These handprint garden pots are almost too cute and they are so easy to make. What a wonderful way to preserve the handprints of your little ones and show them off in your garden for years! These would also make wonderful gifts for grandparents or aunts and uncles.

Tutorial: notjustamommyafterall

22. DIY Upcycled Paint Can Planters

DIY Upcycled Paint Can PlantersYou can virtually make a garden pot out of any container – take these upcycled paint can planters for instance. They are super easy to make and you don’t need to spend anything. Just keep those old empty paint cans and clean them up. You could also do this with larger containers like five gallon buckets and others – use the same method for turning them into planters and decorate them however you like.

Tutorial: hgtv

23. Recycled Tire Planters

Recycled Tire PlantersThose old tires that you have laying around the backyard can be put to beautiful new use as planters. I love this idea for recycling old tires! You can paint them in different colors to really add some décor to your garden or leave them as they are if you want something a bit more natural looking. What a wonderful way to build a new garden and dispose of those otherwise useless tires at the same time! What a great project to repurpose old tires!

Tutorial: lemonbeanandthings

24. DIY Textured Planters

DIY Textured PlantersAdd some style through texture with these DIY textured planters. This is a really easy project and it allows you to turn almost any container into a beautiful new garden pot. You just choose the containers that you want to transform and then use wooden beads and other small items to create the texture. These are so awesome when they are finished and they are super easy to customize into the color and design that you want.

Tutorial: designsponge

25. DIY Terra Cotta Planters

If you love using terra cotta planters, why not just make your own? These are much easier to make than you may think and you can do them in so many different sizes and shapes. This is a great idea to add some new garden pots to your outdoors and you can make a few for indoors as well. What a great craft! Who knew that you could actually make your own terra cotta planters?

Tutorial: marthastewart

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