Wonderful Pictures Of Abandoned Places

Old abandoned Castles, Crypts, Palaces, Chapels. The beauty of an abandoned place taken with a Wide Angle Lens (Irix Lens 11mm) by Jahz Design. More info: Facebook The Salazar Crypt (Irix 11mm) Dictator’s Villa Palacio Cristobal Cine Theatro Sainte Barbe The Salazar Crypt Villa Gomes de Costa Villa Oliveira (Portugal, Irix Lens 11m) Castle R […]

The House & Home Guide To Paint Finishes

April 26 2018 We break down the different paint finishes and how to best use them below. Matte/Flat  Why: Creates a rich, soft and slightly chalky-looking finish that absorbs light well to help hide any surface imperfections. Where: Low traffic surfaces with little washing required, such as living rooms and ceilings. Eggshell/Satin  Why: Contains a slightly […]

10 Inviting Living Room Layouts

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017 When you reminisce on old pictures from moments spent in your childhood home, what room stands out the most? For many it’s a common space meant for sharing stories and laughs with the whole family. Naturally, the living room is where you might have relaxed with the family and entertained […]

375 Bedroom Colors for Any Style

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017 When it comes to decorating a bedroom, your color choices can make all the difference. With these color ideas, you’ll find tips and inspiration. From rustic reds to nautical blues, you can transform your bedroom with just a few pops of color. Since your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s a […]