Tan Leather Sofa Trend – Caramel Leather Sofa

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Buy a leather sofa for your living room, and you’re well on your way to man cave status, whether you like it or not. Which is totally fine—honestly, there are plenty of reasons why leather is greater than things like performance velvet or cotton in terms […]

French Island Pre-Fab by Lai Cheong Brown in Victoria, Australia

Project: French Island Pre-fab HomeArchitects: Lai Cheong BrownLocation: French Island, Victoria, AustraliaArea: 2,066 sq ftPhotographs by: Jaime Diaz-Berrio French Island Pre-Fab by Lai Cheong Brown Located on the remote French Island off the coast of Victoria in Australia, the French Island home is a pre-fabricated farmhouse design by Lai Cheong Brown. This self-sustaining house’s design incorporates the concept of a caravanserai – […]

10 Inviting Living Room Layouts

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017 When you reminisce on old pictures from moments spent in your childhood home, what room stands out the most? For many it’s a common space meant for sharing stories and laughs with the whole family. Naturally, the living room is where you might have relaxed with the family and entertained […]