Wonderful Pictures Of Abandoned Places

Old abandoned Castles, Crypts, Palaces, Chapels. The beauty of an abandoned place taken with a Wide Angle Lens (Irix Lens 11mm) by Jahz Design.

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The Salazar Crypt (Irix 11mm)

Dictator’s Villa

Palacio Cristobal

Cine Theatro Sainte Barbe

The Salazar Crypt

Villa Gomes de Costa

Villa Oliveira (Portugal, Irix Lens 11m)

Castle R (Irix Lens 11mm)

The Sanatorium Franceschi

Castle R

Palacio do espelhos

Palacio Cristobal

Palacio do espelhos

The Amityville house

Palacio Cristobal


Chapel of the blind ft Irix Lens (15mm)

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